Review Didi

“At the first encounter with Zvonko Pušnik's paintings, the color blue comes to the fore with all its mystical, spirited cosmic dimension. In his paintings I feel, I recognize the experience of abstract expressionism. The painter who connects the body of the painting, the starting point of his artistic expression, chooses the color blue, is a painter of existentialism.”

Milan Lamovec - DIDISlov. Konjice, 9. 1. 2005

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“Sign-all” Or The Return to the Sign

“Sign-all, or in Slovene Znak-vse, is the title of the exhibition or perhaps also the naming of the last cycle of works by the artist Zvonko Pušnik. Namely, it reduces the title through its totality - in one compound word - the world of his paintings on the pantheistic omnipresence of the sign; the sign is in this world as an “idiom,” as the basic building block of the language of expression of his painting world. In this case, the artist's language of expression is visual, specifically through the medium of painting, but within this medium his painting technique is "material painting", which in art theory marks the artistic research of classical historical painting (frame and painted canvas n the basis) in the experimental painting of the last century.”

Vanesa CvahteSlov. Bistrica, 9. 12. 2005

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