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Review Didi

At the first encounter with Zvonko Pušnik’s paintings, the color blue comes to the fore with all its mystical, spirited cosmic dimension. In his paintings I feel, I recognize the experience of abstract expressionism. The painter who connects the body of the painting, the starting point of his artistic expression, chooses the color blue, is a painter of existentialism. At the forefront of this gesture I recognize Paul Gauguin and his question to himself and to humanity: Where are we from? What are we? Where are we going? Zvonko’s paintings have this note and more, they show his contemplative, transcendent response to his own impulses. The images appear as a kind of membrane placed in the very body of the image. With this special intervention, an extremely subtle, haptic tactile work of art is manifested. In the semantic, ie substantive thorax of his paintings, I feel, sense the message, his painterly entity. The works are first of all interventions in painting as a mission, with which he enters the space of perception of irrationality, emotionality and an important field of intuition for the painter.
Along with Zvonko’s works, I wish that the author would maintain his attitude towards painting.

Slov. Konjice, 9. 1. 2005 Milan Lamovec - DIDI

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