Painting and sculpting

I define the process of painting through different techniques and concepts, which all share a common point of view,placing the two-dimensional canvas into three dimensions; my
final creations feature low relief, while some even delve into high relief.

In the pursuit of such effects I experiment and design using various techniques, e.g. collage, ready-made, etc. The kernel of my painting is reflected in the complementary connections and the composition of the painting itself.
In most instances, the thematic dissection of a painting bows to social demeanour towards individual views on already existing visual artistic symbols, which have a historical background and are nowadays no longer the primary signs or symbols we once knew. Such a manner of expression stems from abstract painting, the essence of which is in fact the sign.

l am always open to visitors; I nevertheless invite you to take a look at my work right here on the website – it will only take a couple of clicks. Please send any questions you may and contact me over Contact Form.

Enjoy the art.

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