The first encounter with Zvonko Pušnik's paintings is marked by the colour blue in all its mystical and spiritual cosmic dimension. I feel and recognise an experience of abstract expressionism in his creations. A painter who chooses blue for the body of his painting, for the opening chapter of his artistic story, is an existentialist painter. I see Paul Gauguin in the forefront of this gesture, his questioning of himself and the human kind: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we heading? Zvonko’s paintings pluck this very note; what is more, they portray a contemplative, transcendental reaction to one’s own inner impulses. They act as membranes, stretched over the body of the painting. This special procedure gives birth to a remarkably intricate and haptically tactile work of art. I sense and discern a deeper message, an artistic entity within the semantic thorax of his paintings. This is without doubt a sensitive artist, who uses his work to enunciate, witness, construct and create the artistic matter within a sphere not governed by reason. His creations reach out to the art of painting as harbingers, setting forth to seek the irrational, the emotive and, what is paramount for a painter, the intuitive. Seeing Zvonko’s creations makes me wish that their author would stand firmly by his approach towards painting.

Slov. Konjice, 9. 1. 2005                                                                         Milan Lamovec - DIDI