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My work stretches over several disciplines of creative arts. I am keen on painting and sculpting, but identify most with photography, where I shape light to evoke different effects. Photography is in itself closely related to painting. It enables me to faithfully mimic the visual sign – in my case the human body. I pay close attention to light, which can reveal the body in all its perfection or hide it, as with body painting, highlighting a different aspect of the human body – one of canvas. As a domain, portrait photography requires contemplation through the prism of socialisation, which sets our spot on the existing social scale, but is in truth not real at all, contorting the genuine image of a person and forcing him or her into role-playing, another common component of our time.

Painting and sculpting

I define the process of painting through different techniques
and concepts, which all share a common point of view,
placing the two-dimensional canvas into three dimensions; my
final creations feature low relief, while some even delve into high
relief. In the pursuit of such effects I experiment and design using various techniques, e.g. collage, ready-made, etc. The kernel of my painting is reflected in the complementary connections and the composition of the painting itself. In most instances, the thematic dissection of a painting bows to social demeanour towards individual views on already existing visual artistic symbols, which have a historical background and are nowadays no longer the primary signs or symbols we once knew. Such a manner of expression stems from abstract painting, the essence of which is in fact the sign.

The Art Studio in Slovenske Konjice

l is always open to visitors; I nevertheless invite you to take a look at my work right here on the website – it will only take a couple of clicks. Please send any questions you may have to the following e-mail:

Enjoy the art.
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